One Hundred Days of Blogging – Day Two

Day Two – Creating Stories from the Chaos of Ideas

It only seemed appropriate to focus on the topic of creating stories from the chaos of my ideas, which are all over the place, for the second day. Mostly because I’m still convinced my Hundred Days of Blogging will be more chaotic than ordered.

My process isn’t new or revolutionary, and I’m pretty sure I’ve covered as much before. I’d like to say I sit down with a concept. Some sort of message I want to get across, maybe, or an image so powerful that won’t leave my mind until I share it. Deep stuff, right? Continue reading

My ideas, and their woefully high mortality rate

At any given time, there’s probably about a dozen too many ideas rattling around in the vast weirdness of my thoughts. This can make keeping track of everything a bit difficult, though I say this as someone who also owns a good number of notebooks that are far more devoid of any writing than they should be. As I mentioned earlier in the week, I’m now working on the first draft of yet another novel idea, which arrives and leaves the forefront of my thoughts at its leisure. There are Warpt Factor plotlines bouncing off of one another like they’re all locked up in a particularly potent bouncy castle. Many short stories. Posts for Screen Robot. You get the idea. Continue reading

Google, thou art a villain

I mean, Google isn’t really a villain in the sense I want to mean.  The just-tied-a-woman-to-railroad-tracks-while-twirling-a-handlebar-mustache kind of villain is the kind I want to mean, by the way.

What I do mean is Google is the purveyor of information that can, and often will, make you feel a little unoriginal.  I’m almost 100% sure this isn’t just my standard, run-of-the-mill crazy rearing its ugly head (or heads, because I’m fairly certain that much crazy can only be contained in a hydra).  For every amazing, fun, new, whatever sort of idea that crops up, there seems to be something almost identical (even if only in name) somewhere in Google’s search results.

Surely, Phil, you must have an example in mind…right?  Right indeed, me-asking-myself-a-question-to-elaborate-on-my-point (side-note: I’m not sorry for all the hyphenated phrases in this post; not even a little).  A good deal of my creative efforts and energies will be going towards Joshua’s Nightmare, or that novel (that needs a better name, I think) that resulted in this blog becoming a thing.  I’m finally coming up with bits of a world I feel is a bit better than its original incarnation of “all the stuff located in your dreams”.  That could get awfully Freudian awfully fast, and I’d rather keep this from becoming some sort of erotic horror.

However, I feel like the only possible solution to this is to push past the urge to accept any similar results on Google as being defeated as completely unoriginal.  Mainly because it’s possible to argue that no idea is truly, completely original (no, I will not go into that, thank you very much), but also largely in part to knowing it’s possible to take something and make it my own anyway.