Mighty little Moleskines


Two of my increasing number of Moleskine notebooks.  The red one on the left, complete with Moleskine pen, contains all of my notes for Joshua’s Nightmares so far.

The purple one on the right?  That information will have to wait until Monday.  I’d like to say I picked a purple Moleskine because it seemed like a mysterious color, but it was actually just a whim decision.

Anyway, Monday’s big reveal.  Big news.  Good news.  Hopefully, and I mean very hopefully, it will result in good progress as well.

An excellent night for thunderstorms and adventure

Those in the know are aware I am still a fledgling driver, having only earned my license back in December of this past year (for the record: I’m twenty-five, and I’m still not ashamed I’d not gotten my license until that point).  After a terribly slow day at work, I’d made up my mind to go on an adventure to Barnes & Noble.  I call it an adventure because it’s a fair distance from my house, and I’d never actually driven there alone before (or at all, for that matter).

The adventure was a tremendous success, which can be accounted for by my spending about two hours meandering around Barnes & Noble, and I considered my adventure officially concluded with a slice of red velvet cheesecake to the sounds of this year’s first official thunderstorm.  I’d like to play up how I really searched for the just-right book to make this outing special, but, in reality, I spent an unreasonably long amount of time denying myself another Moleskine notebook.  Those of you in the know are presently, or should presently be, smirking at this dilemma, because I have a love affair with Moleskine notebooks that borders onto obsessive.  Incidentally, if any of the wonderful people at Moleskine happen to stumble upon this and think, “Hey, I’d like to further encourage Phil’s writing antics in the form of providing him with more of these amazing products*,” I wouldn’t protest at all.  Not even a little.

On a writerly note, I’ve decided to table “Joshua’s Nightmares” for a few days because I can’t look at it without feeling frustrated.  In its place, I’m busying myself with my latest addiction (as of, say, February or so): the Your Story Competition on the Writer’s Digest web site.  It’s a bimonthly competition, and they’re certainly worth the effort as it provides a chance to have your work featured on their site, and/or their magazine, both of which are seen by loads upon loads of people.

I’ve loved Writer’s Digest since my early days in Edinboro, when I would obtain copies from the English Department lounge (sorry, guys, that was me stealing those; I’m not actually sorry, though), so a natural extension is getting more into their contests and so on.  What I’d really love is to win one of those contests.  Or, you know, become an author featured among their prestigious pages.

One step at a time, I suppose.  For the sake of adventure!

* Moleskine notebooks ARE amazing.  Some day I may even think of something worthy of writing in my The Hobbit edition one.  The point is I just really love their notebooks.

Forgive my shameless shilling, but this is some pretty cool stuff

For my twenty-fifth birthday, which fell on the twenty-fifth of November (like it does every year, as it turns out, and that sometimes happens to coincide with Thanksgiving), my sister got me this really cool notebook for “Great Ideas”.  I imagine that was largely because there aren’t any notebooks specifically for “Ideas You’ll Probably Throw in the Garbage Later”.  However, I checked out the web site on the back of it and found all sorts of neat goodies for organizational purposes.

Because I like sharing, might I recommend checking out Knock Knock Stuff?  They’ve got specialized notebooks and planners and post-its and even chocolate bars with fun stuff on the wrappers.  Chocolate bars made even more fun?  I dare say I thought this to be impossible.  Just kidding, that’s just my inner, and outer, fat kid having fun.

Seriously, though.  A site worth checking out, and if you sign up for their newsletter thingamajig they even send you a coupon code for 15% off an order of $50 or more (which I should warn is an easy feat to accomplish).  I’d also add how holidays and whatnot being around the corner makes this site extra neat for all of the gift potential it presents (Dreadful, unintended pun; I’m so sorry.).

And, of course, I am in no way actually affiliated with their site, the people who run it, and so on, but I do happen to like a good, fun notebook or knickknack.