Phil – The Misadventurer Behind Misadventures in Fiction

Philip Cryor-Gorski is an Edinboro University of Pennsylvania alumnus who graduated with a BA in English with a Concentration in Writing. He writes primarily adult fantasy, typically with dark and humorous tones in equal measure, as well as science fiction. He has dabbled in writing non-fiction pieces, and has had one such piece – an extended essay on modern swordsmen and the swords they own, as well as their former uses – featured in a textbook used for Edinboro’s Advanced Nonfiction Writing course.

When he isn’t writing, Philip is busy learning the ropes of being a father to two amazing children with the help of his fantastic wife, Stephanie. He frequently gets lost in the pages of books, and has a To Be Read list that goes on for days. He’s a self-proclaimed pop culture addict, loving things ranging from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to American Gods to Pokemon and so on. On occasion, at times begrudgingly, Philip also enjoys going for a run along the trails near his house.

You can follow him on Twitter at @SnarkAndBourbon, and on Instagram at @MisadventuresInPictures.

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