Joshua’s Nightmares

Originally planned as one book, Joshua’s Nightmares is the overarching title for my now two-book set of novels, which are also my first major foray into novel-writing with the end goal of publication. They are general fiction, with fantasy and science-fiction leanings, and are being written in a way that should make them accessible reading for anybody. The second book in the set happened as a series of ideas that, I hope at least, will bring closure to the characters so readers can feel satisfied with what they’ve read, and so I can properly say goodbye to the cast of these stories (which is just as selfish of me as a writer as it sounds). The titles are still very tentative, of course.

Book One

Joshua Harkin and the Wicked Nightmare King

It all started with a bad dream; one that came back and haunted Joshua, every night, with the feeling of being chased by some dark, unseen force every time he fell asleep. As his restless nights lead to missed school, avoiding his friends, and a powerful feeling of hopelessness, Joshua is told to ask his Grammy Estella, who many believe to be a witch, for help. Grammy Estella gives Joshua a colorful glass bauble, and and when she sends him off to bed that night his problems seem to go away.

That is, until one day when Marcus and Amelia, Joshua’s two best friends, visit. Marcus demands to know what the bauble is, and taunts Joshua for having a silly little dreamcatcher. While throwing the bauble around, it breaks on the floor, and all of the wickedness trapped within, captured from Joshua’s worst nightmares, escapes. It whisks Marcus off to a world of dreams known as the Sleep State, and forces Joshua on a journey that will span both the Waking World and Sleep State in order to rescue his friend and finally confront the nightmares that plagued him for so long.

Joshua Harkin and the Wicked Nightmare King is not currently available for purchase, but may one day be back out – updated or not (still a big ol’ TBD on that). Until then, an endless thank you to everyone who supported this story.

Book Two

Joshua’s Return to Nightmares

[Update forthcoming when I can come up with a way to write this as spoiler-free as possible; sorry!]

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