Amira’s Quest

What’s in a name?

Amira Smithy leads a pretty mundane life, with much of her days spent in the apprenticeship of her father, the town’s master blacksmith, learning the trade. By her name, she was destined to become a blacksmith. She practices swordsmanship with the knowledge she will never have a practical use for such skills, despite her natural talent with the blade.

Amira Quest, however, finds herself grappling with what it means to be a Quest and the expectations others have of her because of it. With darkness beginning to gather around the world, many turn to Amira to be a light to guide and protect them, but Amira isn’t even sure what it really means to be a Quest, and moreover what it means to her to have to carry such a burden.

In a world where perception shapes reality and not everything is as it seems, can Amira gather the courage and strength to face the darkness, or will she find herself a victim of her name and a fate she could never fulfill?

Amira’s Quest is an adult fantasy with humorous leanings, a very Dungeons & Dragons feel, and a sense of adventure that’s impossible to not get swept up in.

Be sure to keep a close eye on this page, as there will be updates as the book progresses.

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