Seasonally-appropriate boozy hijinks


I’ve seen a million billion people (clearly in no way an exaggeration) talking, at some point or another, about Pumpking and Warlock. As someone who likes trying new things, a person who isn’t entirely against the occasional beer, and a Warlock fanatic on WoW…Well, I had to eventually give these a chance. I’ve not yet tried the Warlock.

Pumpking has a pleasant taste, with perhaps a touch of bitterness at the end. The bright orange coloration makes it a fun drink, and it smells like a freshly-baked pumpkin pie. I can see why this receives such rave reviews.

However, I now also feel compelled to think up spooky drinks involving stronger manners of spirits. Suggestions?

Pumpkin spice season has (almost) arrived

At some point or another, September apparently showed up. Or every single calendar I’ve encountered since Sunday has been telling me horrible, cruel lies. I’m slightly more inclined to believe the former is true, however, because I’m not all that big into outrageous conspiracies on most days. This summer provided many opportunities for hilarious misadventures, but it also somehow managed to be entirely draining. From the work-related madness to the life-related madness (with a friendly reminder there was a goddamn bat in my house not too long ago), this summer has felt less like a season of vacation, rejuvenation, and fun in the sun, and more like a time of frustration, bad news so bad it bordered onto comedy, and both minor and major setbacks. That’s not to say all of the summer was bad, of course. I won a book contract, which I then over-thought to the point of making it a good and a bad thing (if you missed that you should count your blessings and move along). Brianne and I have found a new place to live, which I’m quite excited about (save for now having to cut the grass, which is far from ideal). I could probably go on for a dozen more posts about my trip to Chicago, but it’s probably for the best I don’t. You were all right, Summer of 2014, but you certainly tested me. For that I should probably be thankful. Continue reading