Sunday, snowy Sunday

While I’m normally one of the first people who make fun of everyone boo-hooing about the cold and snow of winter, especially since I live in Pennsylvania where this shit is so common and unsurprising, I have to say I’m pretty well finished with this snow-and-ice-and-misery business.

I took a nap halfway into that last sentence and forgot what the Hell I was typing. As I often say: in my defense, I shoveled the sidewalk and driveway, and I cleaned off the cars. That counts for something, probably.

Since my goals are more focused on adding to the page count of A Princess, A Lich, and Some Murders, I’ll make this quick-ish.

Works in Progress

A Princess, A Lich, and Some Murders – 70 pages/11 chapters; about 1/3 of the way complete, give or take

Cordelia’s (short story) – Complete! Working towards submitting it places.

Woman Seeks Vampire for Dinner and a Movie – Still just notes, but with more direction

The Repository of Lost Ideas – Notes, notes, and still more notes.

Interview with a Retired God – Still only a title, with the beginnings of an idea to go with it.

Works On Hold

The Devil Suggested I Do It (novel; working title)

Warpt Factor (the novel)

The Lodgers (novel)

On the plus side, there’s now a lot more in the Works in Progress section than in the On Hold section. That must count as some sort of progress, right? Right? Tonight’s Oscar night, however, so I need to make some more writing happen before then. Oscars night means it’s time to drink and live-tweet my disdain for Hollywood.

Sanity Restoration Saturday: Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you happy couples out there, and happy Saturday to everyone else. It’s still a perfectly good weekend, despite the freezing weather and horrifying gale-force winds that are apparently trying to blow my apartment/house down. Adding to this delightful stead of frigid misery: the heater appears to have checked out, probably after realizing it would be working harder than it ever has before. The lazy bastard.

I won’t bother focusing on the details of today’s more romantic bits (steak dinner, gifts exchanged, and so on). The relaxation, however, is worth talking about. Brianne and I watched the latter half of The Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance. I feel like I need a vacation after that just to fully process everything that went on. Realistically, papers could (and probably have) been written on the subject.

The Legend of Korra succeeds in many of the same ways that Avatar: The Last Airbender did before it. At its surface, Korra is a cartoon children (and people who are children at heart) can enjoy easily. Throughout each season, there is a perfect balance of comedy, drama, romance, and sadness. While the show follows the latest incarnation of the Avatar, Korra, it also boasts an exceptionally strong ensemble. Characters representing all walks of life are present and play large roles in the series. Having such varied representation is great for children (and, again, people who are children at heart) because it really emphasizes the point that anyone can accomplish great things, whether those are great acts of good or great acts of evil.

Without spoiling anything, I can say say I was genuinely surprised and pleased with the series’ ending moments.

The short of it is this: if you’re the sort of person who enjoys an immersive experience, filled with remarkably talented actors playing such a wide variety of characters as they make their way through compelling narratives, then this is a show worth checking out. I feel as though I need to write more on this topic when I can really dedicate my focus on it.

Now if you’ll all excuse me, I need to wrap myself in a cocoon of covers and not freeze to death.

Hibernation season has arrived

At some point, through some cruel twist of fate, it has officially become winter. I know. Shocking that the weather has taken a turn for the cold and disappointing in January of all months. Today was the first day of my favorite multi-month event, the Fishtailing of the Cars. My lovely little black Toyota handles snow pretty well in the sense that it usually doesn’t go three different directions I don’t want it to before correcting its course.

I had a post planned about how things didn’t go quite according to plan in regards to my more writing, more reading, less naps, etc., plan, but there’s something about this weather that makes me want to curl up underneath a thousand blankets deep within a pillow-fort (note to self: find a way to build a pillow-fort that incorporates the TV; only leave the living room for food and bathroom use) and slumber until the first signs of summer are upon us. It’s supposed to be eight degrees or less tomorrow, which is at least twenty degrees colder than should ever be acceptable.

The bigger problem, at least for me, isn’t the cold or the snow, or even my inability to cope with weather conditions I’ve been exposed to my whole life living in Pennsylvania (the keystone to the frozen wastes of Northrend). No. My biggest conundrum is how this cold weather, with its oppressive chill, saps me of any energy to really use anywhere (beyond the aforementioned cover-cocooning).  It becomes a vicious cycle of frustration over not accomplishing much only to realize that it’d be a lot easier to meet goals if I didn’t feel borderline comatose thanks to trudging through this dreadful cold to and from work…all ten feet of parking lot that I need to walk, at any rate.

However, that’s not to say I don’t realize I need to brew up some tea or cocoa (or perhaps just a hot toddy, but probably not since I want to actually be coherent while writing), sit my partially-frozen ass down, and get back to writing. I’ve got a notebook of ideas, more notebooks practically begging for ideas, and a relatively new Moleskine pen that is powerful enough to make me push past my typical distaste for handwritten notes and the likes.

To my fellow creative types, in whatever partially iced-over dwellings you find yourselves in: how are you coping with this polar vortex horseshit? What tricks and tactics are working best to help keep the creativity thawed?