And so my vacation countdown begins

Yes, I know I sort of started said countdown already, but the official marker of “I’m almost on vacation” is really that I have one workweek between me and freedom. It’s not even a vacation about the destination so much as it is just not being at work for a week (and a few extra days), as I have reached a level of fried that is typically reserved for batter-smothered Oreo cookies and overheated hard drives. Sadly, I’m really proud of that joke because it came to me naturally despite my brain being all liquefied and so on. I’m constantly somewhere between high-strung and ready to pass out, which probably isn’t particularly healthy.

Thinking forward to vacation and bypassing this upcoming week, however, has also created something of a conundrum. In the same way many people yearn for the next weekend, I’m wishing away much of next week (including the drive to Pittsburgh next Thursday, which is further complicated by the Carnegie on and off ramps being closed on the Parkway; thanks for that, PennDOT) for the sake of next week, which could be excellent or terrible. It’s still just potential. I mean, I know seeing my family for the first time since Christmas will be fantastic and all, but there’s no guarantee the other bits of my vacation will have been worth this wishful bit of time traveling. That’s one whole week of time, complete with possible and probable good experiences, that I’m attempting to will out of existence. That, too, is probably not very healthy. There’s a lot to be said on the way many people live for two days of the week and exist the other five in hopes of making it to those two previously mentioned ones. On a related note, I’m beyond ready for my next tattoo…so that’s probably a strong indication that an addiction is a-brewin’.

Defending my wishes to bypass next week, and all of the hideous responsibilities it threatens, are the following: Jason, my brother-paladin, and Chrisy, my New Yorker sister who has accomplished far more than I ever will, are going to be home when I am. I will also get a chance to see my grandma, possibly my father, and some other relatives, so that, too, is wonderful. There will be much reading and writing in the later hours of downtime. At some point, I need to make stuffed french toast because cooking for people is loads of fun. I can’t, therefore, be completely damned for looking forward to these wonderful times, even if the bulk of my actual vacation will be spent cleaning up my apartment because there’s still shit in boxes from the move.

Ultimately, I’m going to get through the bad parts of this upcoming week by reminding myself of how much fun I’ll have with my family (and thinking about the impending Comedy = Tragedy + Time tattoo). I also vow to enjoy the good next week brings, no matter how limited it may be. Makes for a bit of a win-win situation until I’m on vacation, I think.


Easter feasting, April fooling, and other things of a miscellaneous nature

First and foremost, I hope everyone had a happy, healthy Easter.  I certainly had a happy one, though I look back and consider the quantities of food (with a specific nod to food of the junkier nature) and booze and can’t help but doubt this weekend had any merit in terms of my overall health.  Really, I’m almost certain if I got cut right now I’d bleed a horrible, vile mix of ham and the stuff in Cadbury Creme Eggs.  Sorry, too gross?

Naturally, between feasting, entertaining/verbally abusing guests, and having taken several steps in interviewing for a new job (nothing more will really be said other than I’m knocking on all the wood with my fingers crossed, all while covered in rabbits’ feet and four leaf clovers I made out of construction paper, because this could be a good thing should it work out), I’ve been somewhat comatose.

Of course, today is April Fool’s Day.  I considered making an April Fool’s joke about how I got into an esteemed graduate program in writing, or that I’m now a published writer with some level of success, but both of those joke ideas left me wanting to set myself on fire so I’ll just go ahead and congratulate anyone who managed to go all day without being pranked, fooled, tricked, or generally pissed off by the antics of their questionable friends and family.

Tomorrow, once I fully emerge from my Easter feasting-induced hibernation, I plan on wrapping up the Seven Deadly Sins applied to writing line of posts, get back to All The King’s…etc, and start sending things back out for publication consideration again.  Probably writing a BioShock Infinite review, which is something I am not even a little sorry for.

And so, if anyone needs me, it’s still laze o’clock until Tuesday morning gets here.