One Hundred Days of Blogging – Day Thirty-One

There never seems to be a dull moment on my days off anymore. I’m not saying that’s a good thing or a bad thing so much as stating it as a fact. I woke up far earlier than I wanted, couldn’t get back to sleep, and so I got to work on writing notes for my latest project. A headache started to creep in. I decided to get some WoW time in before taking a nap and just relaxing a little.

And then, after my nap (which my headache endured, sadly), I got my first-ever jury duty summons. The fun plot-twist is I got it for Pittsburgh. I’ve tried to change my voter registration twice now, with a third piece of mail arriving recently to say my address may not be up-to-date. I’ve not been as good about my driver’s license, I’m afraid. Needless to say, I’m sure it’ll be loads of fun trying to make it so I won’t be driving a four-hour round-trip.

Moving on to things more interesting, though… Continue reading

One Hundred Days of Blogging – Day Five

It’s Sunday, which means there’s a This Week in Misadventures post around the corner as well. I’d say that’ll be fun. Probably. If nothing else, it’ll offset this business of being awake at 4a.m., which is a time of day only birds and overly-caffeinated college students should experience. I still owe a Pokemon post celebrating my 150th and 151st posts on here, too, but I’ll get to that at some point. Probably.

Today’s topic popped into existence earlier. I had to stop by Walmart, and I encountered two of my favorite drivers. The first was the special sort of jackass who drives diagonals through parking spots to get from point A to point. The other one was someone who parked what I rather unkindly refer to as their compensation truck (the kind of truck that was clearly designed for people who wish to actually pack up everything they own and move it, house and all) over the lines that divided up four parking spots. And that brings me to today’s post topic. Continue reading