A much-dreaded holiday rant

I’m about to get a little soap-boxy, people, but I think the title said all that and more. All the same: brace yourselves. It may get a little preachy up in this here blog post.

Christmas season is in full swing. Yards, houses, street signs, and every imaginable surface is bedecked with bright and brilliant lights, holly and garland, and will soon be a January-long reminder that maybe a little less could be considered more for Christmas next year. If nothing else, it has definitely reached that point where everyone seems to be getting progressively more frazzled. Listen closely, and beneath the jingling bells and choirs of angels you, too, may hear the sound of fraying nerves ready to snap at any moment. I can relate. There are a lot of gifts to remember to purchase at the last minute, wrap, rewrap, get drunk while wrapping for a third time, and so on. That’s probably not the most common experience so much as a crippling reminder that I am utterly incompetent at preparing gifts, actually. Continue reading

Why Intervention matters

My Enabler t-shirt, which states I'm partially to blame for this (this being Intervention 2014).

My Enabler t-shirt, which states I’m partially to blame for this (this being Intervention 2014).

It’s certainly proving to be a rainy, dreary Saturday in Rockville, but that doesn’t seem to be doing anything to dampen Intervention-goer spirits. This is my fourth year attending Intervention, The Premiere Showcase of Online Creativity, out of its five years running, but it still feels like something very new and refreshing experience.

This morning, I attended Onezumi’s panel on marketing. I’m very bad at marketing, and have come to grips with that (and for anyone who needs evidence of these claims, I invite you to look at my inability to really use hashtags all that well). Like with many of the events at Intervention, I feel as though I got a lot more out of it than the short blurb provided in the events program.
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One Hundred Days of Blogging – ???

This is sort of Day 37.2 or 38.1, depending on how you look at it. I mostly just want to focus on how the bat is not in my house now. There’s more business there, like looking into getting a new lair perhaps (which is a thought that horrifies me because of all such a step would entail). Let’s not talk about that now, though.

It’s been a tumultuous week for everyone, I think. The world got a good deal darker this past Monday with Robin Williams’ passing, that’s for certain. Most people I know seem to be running into their own problems. I just had a goddamn bat in my house, among other things.

My focus here is that every single day everyone is fighting their own battles, and every day there seems to be at least one asshole who is actively trying to make someone else’s life more difficult. Let it be known I was really on the fence about this post, but I feel like it’s something that needs to be said.  Continue reading