Do good and well

Okay, so this is a bit odd of me since I’ve not managed two posts in one day in a while. Accept it as it is and move along. This is a little something that just popped into my brain and it demanded attention, despite my needing sleep, and so here it goes.

I am very picky about language use and proper grammar, a statement that borders onto the comedic as I am prone to a number of errors and I nearly spelled grammar as “grammer” somehow. I’d like to blame it on a mistaken keystroke, but the real culprit is how tired I am and how frayed the important strands and strings and thingums and doodads of my brain have gotten in the past weeks. There are tiny, near-invisible creatures repairing those, however, so fret not. Back to the point, though.

At no point have I ever been particularly fond of acronyms. Deliberate misspellings and adding letters to words that don’t belong (the letter z has a long criminal history here) is irksome at best. There’s one grammar no-no that, for some reason, seems to have become more tolerable for me lately. It’s the pesky response of doing good instead of doing well when someone is asked how they are doing, and my mother is to blame for that being the case.

When I’m asked how I’m doing, I typically respond with a reflexive variation of saying I’m well (except when I say I’m feeling shitty or not doing well, the latter of which still a sort of echo of the point I’m aiming for here). I don’t do it to sound like a snobby grammarian (as I am far from one, despite what some behaviors may indicate at times). It just happens to be the way I speak. That being said, I grew up being told to have a good sleep instead of sleep well, that various people are doing good instead of well, and so on. It’s something that gets the brain a-ticking after time, or perhaps after great deals of stress and sleep deprivation have me wanting to drive my thoughts elsewhere. Or whatever.

I like to think someone who says they are well also have the intention of doing good and people who are doing good are also well. Perhaps this is a touch of optimism in place of dealing with a clear error in speech. Maybe it’s just accepting that language is weird and constantly evolving. I for one like the idea of simultaneously doing good and well without making jokes about putting on a cape and whooshing about.

What’s in a title: villain versus antagonist

Today I learned the lawn at my new apartment is a real behemoth. Everything is actually quite sore. Fortunately for everyone, however, I will not be talking about that in this post. I also make no apologies for any typos that sneak through as my hands really hurt. God damn it.

There’s something about having a degree in English/Writing, being a writer, and a tremendous fondness of language that makes for me being picky about words. I focus on that before diving into this topic for a reason. I’ve heard two perspectives on this topic. One says that villains and antagonists are not the same thing, while others say those are two words for the same thing. Perhaps it’s a matter of perspective and how the writer, artist, director, or other creative-type is choosing to use the titles and their respective roles in the story? You could argue that, yes, and I’m sure it could be argued pretty well. This part, by the way, is a bit painful to admit.

They aren’t, at their core, the same thing. Both may spend portions of a story appearing to twirl their mustaches (lady villains and lady-antagonists don’t waste time with such frivolous appearance-based activities), but there are crucial differences that prevent the words from being interchangeable.  Continue reading

One Hundred Days of Blogging – Day Thirty-One

There never seems to be a dull moment on my days off anymore. I’m not saying that’s a good thing or a bad thing so much as stating it as a fact. I woke up far earlier than I wanted, couldn’t get back to sleep, and so I got to work on writing notes for my latest project. A headache started to creep in. I decided to get some WoW time in before taking a nap and just relaxing a little.

And then, after my nap (which my headache endured, sadly), I got my first-ever jury duty summons. The fun plot-twist is I got it for Pittsburgh. I’ve tried to change my voter registration twice now, with a third piece of mail arriving recently to say my address may not be up-to-date. I’ve not been as good about my driver’s license, I’m afraid. Needless to say, I’m sure it’ll be loads of fun trying to make it so I won’t be driving a four-hour round-trip.

Moving on to things more interesting, though… Continue reading

One Hundred Days of Blogging – Day Five

It’s Sunday, which means there’s a This Week in Misadventures post around the corner as well. I’d say that’ll be fun. Probably. If nothing else, it’ll offset this business of being awake at 4a.m., which is a time of day only birds and overly-caffeinated college students should experience. I still owe a Pokemon post celebrating my 150th and 151st posts on here, too, but I’ll get to that at some point. Probably.

Today’s topic popped into existence earlier. I had to stop by Walmart, and I encountered two of my favorite drivers. The first was the special sort of jackass who drives diagonals through parking spots to get from point A to point. The other one was someone who parked what I rather unkindly refer to as their compensation truck (the kind of truck that was clearly designed for people who wish to actually pack up everything they own and move it, house and all) over the lines that divided up four parking spots. And that brings me to today’s post topic. Continue reading