Introducing the impending

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, given my tendency to leap into trying new things with all of the preparation and thoughtfulness of a man on fire who happened to spot a nearby lake. I’m very excited to announce I’m actually going to take a crack at starting my own podcast.

By that I mean I’ve recorded the pilot episode of Phil’s Misadventures in Podcasting, and now it needs attention in the form of editing. Once that happens, I need to either create (oh god, no) or obtain cover art, figure out how to actually disperse it for the enjoyment or suffering of others…and that should do it.

If you enjoy the snark I produce here, in written words, then I think it’s a safe bet to say you’ll also enjoy my upcoming podcast. Hopefully, once I get the ball rolling on it I’ll be able to bribe, coerce, or blackmail people into being guests, and I assume my editing skills will only improve with time.

Most importantly, what manner of shenanigans would you folks want from such a podcast?

Misadventures in Podcasting?!

Or “I meant to include this in my This Week in Misadventures post, but I’m forgetful and was tired, so I forgot” with hints of “This is a title for a thing that will probably never happen”.

This is an idea that, at some point or another, materialized in my brain. It started as a whisper. Hey. Podcasts are neat. You like doing neat things. Huh? Why not? I jokingly suggested this possibility on Twitter and Facebook, where a few people made the terrible decision of encouraging such an idea. By that I mean they said I should do a podcast while very drunk.

Not helpful, people. Not even a little.

Here’s what I do know about podcasts: they’re available on iTunes, they can be free, and a lot of people make really entertaining ones (Hey there, Welcome to Nightvale).

I don’t know what I’d talk about, who I’d talk with, or even how I’d go about a podcast.

That all aside, I like the sound of Misadventures in Podcasting because, I mean, it goes with my Misadventures in everything else.