The wonders of personal essays

Today was without a doubt, and beyond compare, one of the most productive days off I’ve had in a while. Exciting apartment maintenance stuff was handled bright and early. I mowed the lawn for the first time this year, which was taxing and horrible but necessary. There was a strong aroma of wild onions all around my yard, however, and it proved to be surprisingly enjoyable. By extension, the lawn mowing became that much more pleasant. After that, and without showering first (not a point of pride for me), I deposited my tax return and used a small portion of it to treat myself. The rest, of course, is planned out for responsible, adult things, but I wanted to have a little fun with some of it. A copy of Majora’s Mask for the 3DS, an Ultron bobblehead, and a copy of Lumberjanes later, I achieved that much.

Funny enough, all of those things are relevant to today’s topic. Continue reading

Writer’s Odyssey Part 2: Finding which voice best suits my writing

Better known as “How Phil wrote a lot of truly terrible, dry pieces of fiction before he started to write better, less likely to induce eye-bleeding, fiction.”

First, however, I hope a happy Thanksgiving was had by all.  I’d like to say I was in a turkey-induced coma.  In reality, the turkey I had chosen for dinner sprang to life, knocked me unconscious, and took me back to the vast and diabolical Holiday Fowl Empire.  It was an entirely unpleasant experience, and I’d rather not talk about it

So back to finding my voice.  Continue reading