Tonight’s goals…not met. And I’m kind of okay with that.

Didn’t meet the five pages goal for today, which is something I have mixed feelings about.  A good friend of mine pointed out the obvious problem of having to put my mind to it and be in the right mood to get things done, which helped a little.  I did, however, get distracted by Supernatural returning tonight.  As a quick aside: isn’t Mark Sheppard just the most lovably loathsome king of Hell?  Makes me want to reread Good Omens.

On the other hand, not making as much progress as I’d wanted makes Phil a frustrated writer.  I did get a start on “The Watchmaker’s Apprentice” (it’s a tentative title) and that’s off to a good start.  I’ll be working on that until I go to bed tonight, I think.

I’ve also decided on the first piece I’m posting here first.  It’s only a title idea and bits and pieces to go with it right now, but the idea happened at work today.  I bought a pack of iD gum (I’m a bit of a gum addict, and I generally am not without a pack while at work) before my shift started, and the artwork on the pack really caught my eye.  I’d kept a few of the previous packs, and had taken a real liking to one depicting a large tentacle with a small, yellow bird sitting on its end.

Some point in the near future, hopefully for the enjoyment of my followers and any lurkers out there (or people who just happen upon this blog), I’ll be posting “Admiral Canary and The Colossus”.

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