So I sort of fell off the planet for a little there.

By “a little” I guess I mean about a month.  Short version, so as to bypass the boring, messy details: a combination of work kicking my ass, some strange insomnia-like nonsense, and a host of other unpleasantries.

However, that still isn’t progress and a lack of progress is no good for anyone, especially since it’s only adding to the stagnancy of post-college, pre-whatever-the-hell-else life.  And that is something I can’t very well let happen.  Some srs bsns stuff coming up shortly, followed by me doing a ridiculous amount of writing tomorrow (got the whole weekend off, and to myself, so aside from maybe a little time for reading, sleeping, eating, and so on, I should be set) and Sunday.

Once again, apologies for falling off the planet.  I’ve come back now, at least, because there’s writing to be done.

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