Opinions wanted

First, can I just say “holy shit, I am on fire with energy for posting on here which totally sucks because I wish I could put that energy towards something more productive (ie: writing a story)”?  Too late, I just did.

Follower-type people of a writing persuasion, or just a follower persuasion (since you’re bloggers and, as such, writers by association).  I’m considering making the money-requiring leap from being misadventuresinfiction.wordpress.com to being misadventuresinfiction.com.  Unless someone else takes this as a sign to steal the URL, in which case I shake my fist at the heavens and curse your name.  Seriously, that’d be a terribly dickish move.  Please don’t do that.  On a related note, can I just say you follower-type people are beautiful and wonderful and it’s good to have you all around?  Because it is.

Thoughts?  The pros, as far as I can see, are how it’d help the blog have an air of being a little more professional (or at least look a little cleaner), it’d be a motivator for me to get my ass in gear and start producing things (I would hope so, anyway, since the people who have agreed to harass me have bigger issues to contend with at present).  The cons are “boo, spending money”, “do I *really* need a dot com?” and “is this just me going for something shiny because, let’s face it, it’s shiny?”

Please share thoughts, encouragement, discouragement, or even large, unmarked bags of money should you feel so inclined.  I’m joking on that last one, of course.

Unless you happen to have large, unmarked bags of money you’re just so tired of having around.  Then I’m completely okay with helping take care of that problem.

One thought on “Opinions wanted

  1. I am also debating the pros and cons of making the change! Like you said, it looks a lot more professional. But is it a needless expense? My writer side is in an epic struggle against my accountant side.

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