Confetti and such!

In celebration of Misadventures in Fiction reaching, and breaking, 500 views (the counter was sitting at 525 when I last checked, but it’s probably at some less-convenient, non-milestone number, like 528), have some flowers brought by an adorable pika.  Sure, it has nothing to do with writing, or snarky observations, but it’s adorable.  Would you want to deny adorableness like that?  Damn right, you wouldn’t.  I realize 500 isn’t necessarily a HUGE milestone, but it’s enough of one to merit this by my standards.  You know, the ones that matter in regards to the content of this blog.  Lastly, for more pikas with flowers, there’s always this page, courtesy of Brianne (girlfriend and professional mood-improver).


Picture taken from Google Images, from Tumblr, where it was probably taken from another web site. More importantly: d’awwww look how cute it is.

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