No progress is good progress, right?

Sort of like the logic that goes into “no news is good news”, except I have some very intense doubts this line of reasoning could hold up to…well, any scrutiny at all.

I’m about one third of the way done drafting Chapter 2, which certainly is news at least.  It’s sort of news of a good nature, but not really in the sense that I need to get back to writing it before the ideas trickle out of my soft, porous brain-meat and flee into the dark, dangerous real world where they’ll likely be swooped down upon by large, thought-eating birds of prey.

On the plus side, things are indeed looking up for me and I may have celebrated as much with a jolly little holiday to Hollidaysburg (read as: I spent the weekend with my lovely, ever-patient girlfriend when I should have probably been using some of that time to write).

Tomorrow is a short day of work at my real job, which means I have a good chunk of time to devote to Joshua’s Nightmares.  And maybe, hopefully, I’ll turn at least one of the six or seven drafts lurking about on the Admin end of my blog that (I’m very thankful) none of you can see presently.  The rest of tonight can be dedicated to sleeping off the lingering effects of Sheetz feasts, lazing about, and a twelve-hour marathon of Doctor Who.

Quick addendum, and one probably unworthy of bold and italics but so what: when I posted this, I switched tabs quickly because I’m juggling too many conversations.  In that moment, I briefly read my own blog title as “Phil’s Mother****ing Adventures in Fiction”.  While I’d never stoop to such vulgarity (or at least I wouldn’t admit to as much), I must admit it has a bit of a nice ring to it.

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