Beauties in the Deep – a novelette by Zachary T. Owen

My friend, former coworker, and all-around awesome guy Zach Owen just announced his first published novelette, “Beauties in the Deep”, is available for pre-order through the publishers web site.  The release date remains to be determined, it will be available on a number of sites (including Amazon), and though the site mentions it specifically as a book for the Kindle it also features instructions on how to purchase this story for a number of other devices.

I could go into my usual lecture about why it’s important to support people’s artistic endeavors, but I honestly feel the summary is a far more compelling argument in favor of buying at least one copy of this novelette for yourself, if not one for everyone you know.

Ivory was only supposed to go fishing with her father. She was never supposed to run off and get into trouble. But that’s what she’s done. And now the cries of a drowning boy beckon her into icy waters, into a madness which lurks deep inside the lake, waiting to paint her world black.  © Zachary T. Owen

As someone who has had the good fortune of reading some of Zach’s other work, I can say on good conscience I’ve no doubt this will be brilliant stuff.  You can place your pre-order here, though keep in mind you’ll have to use PayPal or Google Pay, and I’ll be announcing when it becomes available on Amazon and other sites for those of you who want to wait until then.

3 thoughts on “Beauties in the Deep – a novelette by Zachary T. Owen

  1. Congrats to Zach on his novelette. I hope it will be the first of many successes. I also wanted to thank you for following my blog as well. You have a very nice blog indeed.

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