Not-so-brave new announcement

Well, I would’ve called it “brave new announcement” but it isn’t particularly brave, but it is at least new for me (we’ll get to that) and an announcement.

First, it certainly has been a day of things being frustrating.  This post would’ve happened sooner, but switching internet providers made getting the wireless network to cooperate top priority.  It still is, so that means that nonsense will be continuing into tomorrow at some point.

In the spirit of maintaining a regular writing schedule, and in light of “Joshua’s Nightmares” once again hanging out on the backburner, I’m going to start a rather large challenge for myself.  It’s been done before, in several different capacities, and so I’m pleased to introduce my Short Story a Week.  The strongest inspiration for giving this a try is, no doubt, Jonathan Coulton.  His version, “Thing a Week”, can be seen detailed here.

The Goal

To push myself to maintain a regular schedule of creating new content, for a year.  That means fifty-two unique short stories.  They may end up with related bits, they may not.  Ideally, I’ll just create.  This means one week there could be a dark comedy, the next a fantasy set in Medieval times, and a horror story the next.

The Process

Since this new beginning is starting on a Monday, and it’s going to be a weekly short story, the posting will occur on Sunday.  This gives me a full week to come up with an idea, draft the idea, and at least tweak it to some degree if nothing else.  The process may change and evolve as this goes on, but the plan is to keep this relatively simple while still accomplishing the overall goal.  However, keeping in mind how life generally likes taking plans and flipping them upside-down, I also acknowledge there’s a change the story may have to be posted early some weeks in favor of keeping it a Short Story a Week (no late stories ever, though; even if that means a little sleep deprivation now and then).

Here goes nothing.  One short story, every week for a year, starting now.

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