Unwanted, previously unplanned, hiatus

Life lessons, I’ve found, are the sort of things that sneak upon me, tap me on the shoulder, then hit me over the head with large, usually blunt, objects.  Sometimes I come away from such events with a fresh, new view on some aspect(s) of my life.  Or a greater appreciation for what I have.

And sometimes I go away from them understanding why I have developed a taste for single barrel whiskey.

For instance: moving out for the first time since going to college is actually a pretty involved and taxing process.  It could be that way because I have spent a fairly substantial amount of time at work, which gave me enough leisure time to eat and sleep in less-than-equal measure (spoilers: a three hour nap between shifts does not constitute a full-night’s rest).

Short version: I’m pretty well burned out from taking on weird, longer-than-expected shifts at work and trying to pack my stuff up for moving it two hours east.  Not a huge move, but let’s all take a moment to consider how I am made up of 10% planning and 90% crippling neuroses.  I would say 25,000% neuroses, one for each year I have been alive, but I’m told by people with a higher-than-my-basic grasp of mathematics you can’t actually exceed 100%.  Which is horseshit.  Moving along…

I’m forcing myself to take an official hiatus until my move happens and I’m at least somewhat settled in.  From there, and getting my new schedule, I’m going to work on making time for actual, proper writing, instead of excusing myself for choosing sleeping over creating (when it could have been the other way around, really).  Through the magic of scheduling posts, this should be appearing on the 12th.  My laptop will, at that point, be two hours away from me because I don’t feel like hauling it back and forth one more time when I will be needing all the space I can use in my car.  It will provide invaluable insulation to keep in the streams of expletives I will no doubt be spewing by the time I reach the seventy-mile line of traffic leading to the Squirrel Hill Tunnels (and if you have ever driven the Parkway East or West in/around Pittsburgh, during any point near rush hour, you are probably nodding in agreement because A TWO LANE HIGHWAY THROUGH A MAJOR CITY IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE A SHITTY IDEA).

Thanks to my regular reader(s) for their patience, apologies to newcomers who might think I’m the flakiest writer in the blogosphere (and can we all just agree that’s a terrible word, because it is), and hopefully I won’t manage to drive off the road in a way that ends in a Michael Bay-esque explosion during my actual move this Friday.

Next post, after this one, should arrive from historical Hollidaysburg.  Unless I decide to post something from my phone between then and now, effectively making this line into a lie.  Potentially scandalous content?  Who knows.

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