New (and maybe improved?) header image

Or “I wanted to make something neat to go with the new layout, but I’m not particularly talented at taking pictures and also only have my phone for such things.”

I’m a bit iffy on how I feel about it, but I figured notebooks would be the way to go (and I also have a billion of the damn things in all shapes and sizes). I added in one of my pocket watches and a paper crane I made for kicks and giggles, and I’m relatively happy with how it turned out overall.

The only real pain in the ass I ran into was the white text, and the sizing of the sub-title’s font. Beyond that, I’m going to make a note here: huge success (as well as a Portal reference successfully thrown in there for good measure). Thoughts?

Also, I ended up taking pictures of Meowiarty, too, because he seems to think he’s a model.


Here’s a fun bit of mostly-worthless knowledge: I’ve got mostly Moleskine notebooks. I blame one particular Edinboro English professor for this. They are, and remain, my favorite brand of notebook, if only because I’m very fond of the travel-sized ones.

3 thoughts on “New (and maybe improved?) header image

  1. I am far from a graphic designer, but I think it would be more aethetically pleasing to have the diagonal red notebook without another bright rectangle on the other side. Verticals in the background, one diagonal as the focal point, in other words. Does that make sense? Am I even talking about what you are talking about?

    • Get rid of the green and orange notebooks, and put (or stand up) the larger notebooks behind the smaller ones? And really, it’s just a bunch of notebooks thrown together, plus the two other odds and ends (the pocket watch and the paper crane).

      Or I misunderstood you.

      • More like get rid of the orange and green notebooks and leave the rest as it is. That’s just my aesthetic sense. Someone else might think it is perfect the way it is (scatter chic?). Bear in mind no one has ever paid me to take a photograph.

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