There are days I just don’t feel like writing

Or “How I’m keeping my promise to myself that I’d write every day while still something something words. I’m not feeling well, I’m tired, and I’m grumpy, damn it.”

There are days I can’t stop myself from writing. If I did stop, I know the worlds and their respective characters would build up to the point my head would break open and let those many oddities spill out. The whole thing would be a terrible mess, really, so I choose to write instead. However, and despite my best efforts, there are still days something in my brain just says how this writing just isn’t working out. At all.

This is one of those days, and it’s probably one of the biggest bothers I know. I hate it, because I could easily justify skipping sleeping, meals, and social obligations (and if you’re one of my closest friends, you’d be the sort of person who would understand and encourage such unfortunate binge-writing sessions). If I didn’t get so damned loopy after going a day without sleep, I think my choices would be obvious here.

Naturally, today’s one such day where I can’t seem to get any creative thoughts. They’re on hiatus, maybe. Or perhaps they’re waiting for later on, once I go to bed, which is not a thought I’m entirely okay with given my subconscious’ tendency to go all-out with nightmares. No, thanks.

On the plus side, and perhaps this is some misplaced optimism of a sort, I don’t feel burnt out yet. I’ve been writing, even if only just a little, every day since I made the promise to myself I would, and I’m still feeling pretty good about that. I’m not getting anywhere in terms of publishing yet, but I will.

However, I should be getting some sleep because I’m sick. Not until I pick which Hogwarts house I’d reside in, though. Priorities, people. I’ve got serious priorities.

3 thoughts on “There are days I just don’t feel like writing

  1. Those days are the worst. I know the pain. I think the best thing to do is write anyway and if its all total crap just erase it. You’ll have written that day and if you erase it than it would be the same if you just took the day off. But you did write. and P.s. Im a Hufflepuff πŸ™‚

    • Generally speaking, even if it’s just a simple post to my WordPress, I still manage. I got a paragraph of two of The Devil Made Me Do It (what an awful working title, though) done yesterday, and made some small edits today before resigning myself to a day of brain-sludgery laziness.

      I went with Slytherin, because I like to pretend I’m cunning, ambitious (at times), and also evil. Maybe mostly that last one.

      • lol well you got more done today than I have haha. So thats an accomplishment I think πŸ™‚ Why don’t you sign up for pottermore and take the test there? Its JK Rowling approve as a sorting test and its pretty good. Or you can just stick with your self proclaimed house πŸ™‚ either way lol.

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