This Week in Misadventures

Or “The post that almost didn’t happen because I have to be up for work at 5:30 tomorrow morning” with a dash of “Oh god, why am I still awake? Because I’d lose sleep if I tried skipping this post”.

It’s well past the 4th of July, which means everyone should be fully recovered from their red, white, and blue hangovers. Pet eagles should have been returned to the wild by now, free to soar high above the freedom and liberty of America until next year, when they return to their rightful owners to drink beer and cook burgers made from the crushed hopes of terrorists. I have no idea where all of that came from, but I’m not even kind of sorry.

This past week had ups and downs galore, but when everything is said and done it was awesome in terms of progress. That’s why I’m glad to make this edition of This Week in Misadventures happen.


There was definitely some editing throughout the earlier parts of the week, which still had me pretty damn tired. I mourned the death of many stories I never gave due attention to in a blog post, which got me thinking. That thinking resulted in two of those stories seeing a first draft completed today. “Out of Lemons, and Other Tragedies”, the story about a cannibal who doesn’t have just what she needs to make dinner perfect, and “Another Star-struck Misfit,” which I am happy to say was sent off for publication consideration (fingers crossed!). Beyond that, not much other writing happened. The Lodgers, which is the working title for my latest foray into novel-writing, is taking a rest along with Joshua’s Nightmares: Book Two and The Devil Made Me Do It (or whatever I was calling that book).

Also! Should everything go as it should, I will have great news to share on Tuesday. Really awesome news, in fact, and I am beyond excited to share such news, but I also want to build/force some suspense up until that point. Not sorry about this, either. I’m being as unapologetic as I can to compensate for all the times I apologize when I shouldn’t (and I imagine a bunch of my friends, if they read this, just did victory dances).


The thing I never thought I’d actually do, but started on anyway because why the hell not. The Pilot has been recorded, and is undergoing some beta testing. I still need to learn what I’m doing in regards to converting the files and uploading them, so this could be a longer project, but I’m okay with that. I’d rather provide a quality end-result than something that’s just god-awful. I’ve gotten good feedback so far, but I dare say there are some biases in my favor involved.


Insert sad trombone sounds here. Wamp wamp. I have not done nearly enough reading this past week. I started looking at different books, began rereading The Bloggess’ memoir for shits and giggles (because it’s really great entertainment, and she may be one of my favorite humor bloggers in the universe presently). I found a stack of books in my room that are mostly unread to add to the other stack of books I bought and haven’t read, along with so many other books in the same situation. I may have to post pictures and share my treasures at some point, perhaps, so as to kick myself in the ass on getting some reading done. New reading, not just the stuff I’ve enjoyed already.

That about does it, really. I can’t think of much else, and that’s probably because every rational thought in my brain has turned towards getting my ass in bed and going to sleep. I’m ready for Interventioncon, which is still too far away, and all of the other treasures that August brings (Doctor Who and Gravity Falls return, if memory serves correctly). I wish you all a pleasant, post-Independence Day Weekend week.

Unless you’re one of those people who is still shooting off fireworks. Those people deserve a moderately unpleasant week, at best.

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