This Week in Misadventures – A Self-Intervention

Oh, hey. It’s Sunday, which normally means it’s time for me to stumble through all of the writing, reading, and other nutty antics I’ve gotten into throughout the past week, highlighting both victories and failures alike. I enjoy those posts, because they were a start to me making sure I was regular (toilet humor goes here) with posting to Misadventures In Fiction while also making sure I kept up with my writing, reading, and…miscellaneous antics? Whatever.

I’m changing it up a bit this week, however, because I may have a small addiction that needs to be addressed. No, I’m not talking about my Twitter addiction. That is a large, beastly addiction, with sharp, gnashing fangs. I’m referring to my addiction to buying more books even though I’ve not read all of the other books I’ve purchased. Though it’s certainly not a bad addiction to have, really, it’s probably not the best approach to owning all of these books. Here’s a picture of the books I need to get around to reading, but keep failing to enjoy because I keep making new purchases instead. In my defense, they aren’t all recent purchases. However, this probably doesn’t feature all of the books I’ve failed to read yet, either, so that’s unfortunate.


Yes, this picture was taken on my bed. I had to stand on the bed to get a good view of all the books in question. No, I’ve not removed them from my bed yet, and so I’m sure that moment of laziness will come back to bite me in the ass later when I’ve forgotten about my library resting where I’ll want to be sleeping tonight.

There’s a graphic novel or two in there, a book of poetry, and a whole lot of awesome I haven’t given enough attention to just yet, which is downright embarrassing. On the plus-side: if the power ever goes out and I find myself barricaded inside my home for some unexplained reason, at least I know I’ll have something to keep me busy.

The Plan

I have no real concrete plan. I was actually really hoping by typing “The Plan” in bold letters, one would magically materialize in my brain. Nope. No luck there.

Given how few of these books are parts of a series, I’ll probably be focusing on the one-off ones first. I’ve decided Pratchett & Baxter’s The Long (something) trilogy-that-may-end-up-being-more needs to be read back-to-back for me to fully enjoy it, which is a great idea. We’ll see how it works out in application. I’ve been started and restarted The Long Earth a good few times, but things keep distracting me from it. Things and stuff. I learned how to explain my personal situations from Rick Grimes, I guess. I don’t know.

Realistically, I should be able to read all of this books before the year is over. Maybe that can be my goal. In any event, I have a pretty good chunk of the day set aside for worrying about what terrible, novel-ruining flaws my professor will find as he reads over Joshua Harkin and the Wicked Nightmare King (that may be the first time I referred to it by its proper, tentative title).

What books have you been putting off reading? Who else is guilty of being a book-addicted, book-hoarding magpie? Tell me what you’re about to read, are reading, or should be reading (but are too busy buying new books to get around to reading) in the comments.

Here’s to a pleasant week ahead, with minimal stress, great productivity, and plenty of good times (and, when applicable and responsible-ish, good booze).

PS: the new season of Face Off starts this Tuesday on SyFy, and I can’t even deal with all of the feelings I’m experiencing. Such a good show.

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