Christmas Cheer/Pox

It’s now officially Christmas day and I still have all the eagerness of my much-younger self when it comes to presents. The key difference now is I am very excited to share something special, carefully selected after a mix of gift-hunting and procrastination, in hopes I make at least one person’s Christmas a little brighter.

Unfortunately, the only thing roasting on an open fire seems to be this writer. I’m fairly certain I have a case of the Christmas Pox, complete with fever, aches, and a generally bah humbug sensibility. Fret not, as I am at least fighting that last symptom tooth-and-nail as I refuse to bring down the mood today.

As I write this post on my phone, my glasses placed with care on my nightstand in hopes I may find some sleep tonight beyond the fever-dreams from 10pm to midnight, I find myself reflecting. This year has been a grand adventure for me as a writer, and it looks as though it was a similarly grand adventure for many of you. There were plenty of good times and dark times, joy and sorrow not always balancing one another out. 2014 is nearly at a close, and so I wonder if I did enough with my time this year. Did I make enough of a difference? What can I do better next year? Regardless of where you are, reader, I hope you find yourself content with the journey you’ve made from January to now.

The number of hours between now and my inevitable trip to Carnegie are disappearing slowly, but I know I’ll be home soon enough.

Once again, I wish you all–regular readers and people who happened upon this blog by chance–a very Merry Christmas, a lovely and lively holiday season, and a healthy and adventurous New Year.

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