Happy (not actually) Bastille Day!

Happy Monday, fellow misadventurers! It’s another godforsaken Monday, and boy did I feel like death. I was the sickliest sick that ever drank Pepto Bismol earlier, but now I feel so much better. Fortunately for everyone who reads this, I’m not going to talk about that any further.

I picked Bastille today because it’s the first artist I’m not giving five out of five arbitrary scoring point-things. I love Bastille, and we’ll get to the reason for this choice soonish.

Somehow, through some stroke of luck, I happened upon “Pompeii” on YouTube. It had me hooked instantly. iTunes was opened, I searched for Bastille, and then cursed everything because the full album wasn’t available. There was, however, a four-song EP titled Haunt. If this were any indication to me, based on “Haunt” and “Pompeii”, as to how good their upcoming CD would be, I knew I would be hooked.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t entirely correct there. I did, of course, buy the Deluxe Preorder Whatever-The-Hell version, which featured a few extra tracks (one of the albums redeeming qualities). Haunt set the bar very high in terms of what I should expect, and a few of the tracks let me down a bit by comparison.

“Pompeii”, while one of my favorite songs by Bastille, is also enough of an earworm that having it stuck in my head for weeks at a time negates some of its greatness. Having to skip tracks after giving the whole CD a chance makes it a bit more disappointing, as I’m usually able to take a liking to entire CDs over time (usually being the operative word here).

Overall, Bastille’s vocals and catchy tunes still defeat any doubts I have about Haunt and Bad Blood and more. Overall arbitrary rating of four out of five golden wossname-thingums.

4 thoughts on “Happy (not actually) Bastille Day!

  1. Pompeii is one of my favourite songs at the moment! I haven’t really listened to any of Bastille’s other songs, the ones I have heard I didn’t like but then again I didn’t really listen to them ‘properly’. I admire you for (usually) having the patience to fall in love with a whole CD, if I don’t like a song that’s it, I rarely give it a second chance.

    Great post!


    • I would strongly recommend giving the rest of the Haunt EP (Overjoyed, Bad Blood, and Haunt) a chance, as they are all strong tracks in their own right. In terms of Bad Blood (the album), I’d recommend starting again with The Weight of Living Pt 1 (a bonus track), Laughter Lines (also a bonus track), Flaws, and These Streets. Those, I’ve found, are solid gateway tracks and a good test to see if you’ll take a liking to Bastille or if they’re more of a one-hit wonder for you.

      Music is my escape of sorts, typically in the form of listening to my iPod at what are probably unsafe volumes. I already mourn the day my 160GB behemoth of musical happiness dies, as it will be very difficult to replace.

      Thanks, and thanks very much for the comment.

      • Thank you for the recommendations! I’ll give them a go! Music dictates my mood and as such I use it as a tool in writing (as one would use images or research), I can’t write without it. I can imagine that being very hard to replace! They don’t make them the same anymore.


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