Follow The Ashes

It is with my outrageous, excessive, and remarkably high levels of enthusiasm that I am pleased to announce the real announcement of the night.

First: I’m not sorry for wonky wording. I stopped drinking pop this week. Hello Caffeine, my old friend. I’ve chosen to give you up again.


“Follow The Ashes” is the new, biweekly series that will be gracing Misadventures In Fiction starting this Friday, 2/2. This schedule gives me a week to write each entry, followed by a little under a week to edit each entry.

Without giving too much away, “Follow The Ashes” follows Cas as she struggles to remember the truth of who she is, where she is, and the strange nature of the worlds she finds herself in as she flees from a place she only knows as The Facility. She is lead along only by a cryptic note telling her simply to follow the ashes. Along the way, Cas encounters, stumbles upon, and is saved by people who remember her.

This Friday, “It Begins”!

I’m looking forward to sharing this ongoing adventure.

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