A lesson from bourbon

Sometimes, and I emphasize sometimes because if these sorts of moments were all-the-time moments then I think they would lose some of their meaning, I have semi-profound realizations. They’re probably not all that profound at all, but I’m not writing this to tear myself down. Shocking, I know.

Some time ago, on a whim and with the desire to try a new bourbon, I bought a bottle of Prichard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon. The description made it sound excellent. It involves chocolate. It involves bourbon. What’s not to love? I got it at home, eager to try something new, and poured myself a little bit with the whiskey stones my sister so kindly bought me for Christmas. I braced myself for what promised to be an ideal blend of two things I enjoyed. First sip.

Prichard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon tasted purely of the burning misery associated with most spirits. Convinced there was something wrong, I took another drink. More burning and disappointment.  Continue reading

One Hundred Days of Blogging – Day Thirty-Three

Thirty-three? Two threes, hidden in the form of another number? Like three games in a trilogy? Mystery solved. Half-Life 3 confirmed through a blog with no affiliation to Valve whatsoever. Everyone else can go home.

Sorry. I really couldn’t resist.

Today’s probably going to see two posts. That’s the plan, anyway. I’m trying to guilt myself into it, but I’m also feeling lazy. The latter half of that shouldn’t be too surprising. I think it just needs to be vacation-time for me already. I had to stop half-way into that sentence because my elbow cracked, and it sounded like a goddamn gunshot.

Anyway, I’m just kind of rambling, so I might as well get to the important bits.

I’ll be taking an official break from my This Week in Misadventures posts for now, as most of what I’ve been doing (sadly) has been these posts. I’m taking steps towards fixing that, but it’s mostly an embarrassing reminder of all the things I failed to accomplish in the previous week. Not as good a motivator as you’d think. Continue reading