A lesson from bourbon

Sometimes, and I emphasize sometimes because if these sorts of moments were all-the-time moments then I think they would lose some of their meaning, I have semi-profound realizations. They’re probably not all that profound at all, but I’m not writing this to tear myself down. Shocking, I know.

Some time ago, on a whim and with the desire to try a new bourbon, I bought a bottle of Prichard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon. The description made it sound excellent. It involves chocolate. It involves bourbon. What’s not to love? I got it at home, eager to try something new, and poured myself a little bit with the whiskey stones my sister so kindly bought me for Christmas. I braced myself for what promised to be an ideal blend of two things I enjoyed. First sip.

Prichard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon tasted purely of the burning misery associated with most spirits. Convinced there was something wrong, I took another drink. More burning and disappointment. 

Fast forward to tonight. I was washing dishes, which is far from my favorite way to spend time. It had to be done, though. The mountain of dishes had gotten quite unpleasant over the course of the past week or so. The temptation was most certainly there to pour a little from my bottle of Glenlivet 18 Years Of Age. I considered it, weighing the pros and cons, and somehow decided to instead give the Prichard’s another try. I poured only a little into one of my shiny new glasses I bought (sixteen piece set for $12-ish was the highlight of my day yesterday; don’t judge). Following what I assume are unspoken rules of drinking fine spirits, I swirled it around in the glass. I smelled it, taking in the bouquet of…burning. There was a feeling of impending regret in my stomach as I took the first sip.

It still tasted like burning. Take a moment to imagine the frustration I felt. The disappointment. The betrayal. I set the glass back down and returned to washing the dishes. For whatever reason, I eventually decided to give it another go.

You’re probably expecting me to say it tasted like burning. Maybe not, since that would be the predictable answer. The burn, which is pretty typical for any bourbon, was less pronounced. There was a delightful, smoky taste that followed, and the sip finished with hints of dark chocolate that linger. I felt so smug typing that description that it took me about five minutes to finish.

Keep in mind that I am by no means someone who possesses a refined palate. I’m sure there are plenty of terms and commentaries regarding fine spirits, as I’ve read plenty of them on bottles and boxes for said spirits.

The lesson can be accepted in two parts. Part one is that Prichard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon is delicious, wonderful stuff, well worth trying. Secondly, sometimes…yes, sometimes…waiting for things will reveal interesting things. A little extra time (and, perhaps, effort at times) can make all the difference.

Or maybe there are times that I just need a good bourbon after a long day and I’ve failed to realize I’ve had one all this time. Didn’t want to get too sanctimonious and preachy there.

Eighty-six days remaining, apparently.


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