A lesson from bourbon

Sometimes, and I emphasize sometimes because if these sorts of moments were all-the-time moments then I think they would lose some of their meaning, I have semi-profound realizations. They’re probably not all that profound at all, but I’m not writing this to tear myself down. Shocking, I know.

Some time ago, on a whim and with the desire to try a new bourbon, I bought a bottle of Prichard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon. The description made it sound excellent. It involves chocolate. It involves bourbon. What’s not to love? I got it at home, eager to try something new, and poured myself a little bit with the whiskey stones my sister so kindly bought me for Christmas. I braced myself for what promised to be an ideal blend of two things I enjoyed. First sip.

Prichard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon tasted purely of the burning misery associated with most spirits. Convinced there was something wrong, I took another drink. More burning and disappointment.  Continue reading