So this deserves a proper beginning.

And I’d really like to start this blog right-proper.

My name’s Phil, and I’m a writer.  Or I’m someone who moonlights, quite convincingly, as a writer.  I’ve had misadventures into blogging and many misadventures in writing, with the tiny, unfinished graves of many a story occupying a few hard drives over the course of my life.

Ultimately, my goal is to become a published writer.  I mean, ideally I’d like to become a semi-partially-somewhat known published writer, but I’d be cool with a published work at this point.  I’m two rejections into my life as a writer, which means I need to get my ass moving.

That’s where this blog comes in.  After attending Interventioncon 2012 (the best geek culture convention on the east coast, obviously), I set the following lofty goal: that I would complete a written work of novel-length by next Interventioncon, under the threat of receiving horrifying pictures from the depths of the Internet.

I’ll chronicle my misadventures in writing, which may or may not feature original pieces (like Christmas for readers, right?  Right.  You had better have agreed) and use this as a means to hold myself accountable for making progress on Giant, Daunting Unnamed Project, which is still only in the planning stages because naming characters gives me a giant, horrible headache.

Comments featuring encouragement, snide remarks, advice, or anything more generalized are all sorts of appreciated.  Let’s see where this long, windy, and, in all likelihood, sleep-deprived road will take me.

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