Forgive my shameless shilling, but this is some pretty cool stuff

For my twenty-fifth birthday, which fell on the twenty-fifth of November (like it does every year, as it turns out, and that sometimes happens to coincide with Thanksgiving), my sister got me this really cool notebook for “Great Ideas”.  I imagine that was largely because there aren’t any notebooks specifically for “Ideas You’ll Probably Throw in the Garbage Later”.  However, I checked out the web site on the back of it and found all sorts of neat goodies for organizational purposes.

Because I like sharing, might I recommend checking out Knock Knock Stuff?  They’ve got specialized notebooks and planners and post-its and even chocolate bars with fun stuff on the wrappers.  Chocolate bars made even more fun?  I dare say I thought this to be impossible.  Just kidding, that’s just my inner, and outer, fat kid having fun.

Seriously, though.  A site worth checking out, and if you sign up for their newsletter thingamajig they even send you a coupon code for 15% off an order of $50 or more (which I should warn is an easy feat to accomplish).  I’d also add how holidays and whatnot being around the corner makes this site extra neat for all of the gift potential it presents (Dreadful, unintended pun; I’m so sorry.).

And, of course, I am in no way actually affiliated with their site, the people who run it, and so on, but I do happen to like a good, fun notebook or knickknack.

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