A little bit of cross-promotion during my Christmas craziness lull

I’m about three dozen Christmas presents (a mild exaggeration, maybe) and various things behind, so I’m sort of sorry for the lack of updating, but only in the way that I’m sort of not sorry for being crazy-busy trying to get things done.  T’is the season to be a bit crazy, though.

On a positive note, my Wreck-It Ralph review is now up, here, on Onezumiverse.  Visit for my non-fiction/review skills, stick around to check out some really terrific stuff.

And while I’m linking things, check out Onezumi’s web comics, available here.  It’s presently on hiatus, so there’s plenty of time to catch up.  She, along with her husband Harknell and a number of other truly amazing people, founded and run the creator-focused convention Intervention.  It’s a chance for independent creators to get their work out there, to meet other awesome people, and it’s a generally good time.

And, on that note, I have Christmas presents to get back to.  Here’s wishing everyone a safe, happy holiday season.

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