And so my gameplan is as follows (at least for now)

That frustrating moment when:

  • My writing plans are derailed by headaches most of the day
  • I realize I’ve started four drafts on here, and couldn’t finish a one of them because it feels like someone’s stuck my brain in a blender, and the somehow put that working blender inside of a dryer
  • I have made zero progress on Joshua’s Nightmares since those hoorah moments a bit back

And so, the plan from this point is as follows:

  • Focus primarily on Joshua’s Nightmares.  It needs to be a novel-length, novel-quality work, and I’ll be damned if I don’t manage as much.
  • Keep up with this page, Misadventures In Fiction, so nobody wags their fingers at me for dropping off the planet for an inexcusable length of time.
  • Make sure, at the very least, I jot down story ideas to work on later.
  • Not letting myself get distracted quite so much, when possible.
  • But also make sure I don’t overdo it and drive myself completely insane; I’ve got Netflix for a reason, afterall, and it’s not just so my sister can watch shows about the Kardashians (sorry, Chrisy, I may have thrown you under the bus there).

Hopefully this will pan out, but I’ve also come to realize most of the time when I make plans, the Universe tends to throw a curveball my way.  All I can really say is onwards to creativity.

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