Chapter 1, drafted!

I am very excited to say, especially with how today went so horribly at work, I have completed the first draft of Chapter 1 of “Joshua’s Nightmares”.  Despite feeling very-much drained after an exciting 7-to-3 drag at work, I found some inspiration in a good dinner, and a bottle of Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer (I suspect the secret ingredient is pure, undiluted happiness), and wrote away.

There are a few points I’m a little iffy on with the chapter already, but I’m letting it have at least one day of peace before I even consider doing major edits.

My biggest problem at this point is wanting to get to certain characters who aren’t quite important to the plot just yet, because I love me some good, ol’-fashioned, truly bad-to-the-bone villains.

This progress is especially nice as it follows the news of my final interview for the new job I’ve been working towards, and so this week will end with even more craziness for me.

What this means is more writing to happen soon, more energy towards this work, and hopefully some pieces I can share on here eventually, perhaps, as means of stealing further interest in this fledgling novel.

PS: I’m also happy to be back to posting under the Joshua’s Nightmare Updates category, even if it’s no longer accurate with the working title (but, really, I’m not about to split hairs; huzzah for progress!).

2 thoughts on “Chapter 1, drafted!

  1. Keep writing! Edit later! You’ll get stuck in an endless feedback loop.

    Congrats on the progress. I’ve been so busy lately I can’t even do a blog post much less work on any of my writing projects. Blarg. It’ll all work out.

    • Thanks! It’s been a weird, busy time for me, so I was very excited to get the first chapter finished. Especially because it took a while to really get any momentum. You’ll get there, I’m sure. And when you do, I hope it’s worth the wait.

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