Some dreary day shameless shilling

The quick and easy version: today’s been lousy, and no writing is to happen on such a day.  Yuck.

On the plus side of things, because there invariably is a plus side (even if I have to take the day, look at it in its big, negative eyes, and club it violently with Medieval weapons until the good falls out), I got to enjoy a truly amazing thunderstorm.

Ah, right.  And there’s a Kickstarter to fund a graphic novel based off of some of Jonathan Coulton’s music, which can be checked out (and supported) here.  If you’ve not ever gotten the chance to check out the amazing, brilliant music Jonathan Coulton has produced in the past, there’s no time like the present.  It’s actually a bit difficult to describe JoCo’s music.  He’s got a talent for the quirky and humorous, but he’s also got amazing music that will really tug on the heartstrings.  Really, all I can say is to not listen to even a little of his music would be to miss out terribly, and I’m not about to let that be the case for anyone I know (or who makes the mistake of regularly checking my blog).

I also very strongly encourage supporting this endeavor because it’s always a good idea to help out a fellow creative-type, because you never know when you’ll need to ask for similar help.  Right?

There’s also the added benefit of very awesome incentives for making this happen.

3 thoughts on “Some dreary day shameless shilling

  1. What do you know, I’ll be shamelessly shilling some of my own music late rtoday or tomorrow! Your description of Jon Coulton sounds intersting. I’ll check it out.

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