Here is the First Song From My Forthcoming Album!

I am hesitant to use the Reblog feature on WordPress because it makes it feel like Tumblr, and Tumblr is where I go to post my fanatic obsessions with TV shows…Er, disregard that.

ANYWAY! Far more important, you should check out the musical stylings of ericjohnbaker (that other crazy writer-guy whose blog,, you should visit; go do that now). Then go show support for him, and Full Blown Cranium, by picking up their song on iTunes or Amazon.

Why?  Aside from it being an excellent song, must I once again stress the importance of supporting artists in all their endeavors because it’s art that makes life tolerable?  Yes?  Well, you go ahead and sit in the corner, thinking about how difficult you’re being, reader-I-just-made-up.

Anyway, check out the song, buy a dozen copies for you, your friends, your family, and your dog or cat, and if you’re a graphic designer, or know a graphic designer, you should probably shoot Eric an e-mail.

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