Catching up at my own rate

I feel a bit lazy admitting this, though I feel that could be laziness misplaced by my not feeling like writing today, but the Short Story backlog will probably grow a little more.  Just a little.  There’s a bottle of bourbon and a shiny new copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf calling out my name, and my day off has very politely requested, in the form of perpetual sleepiness, that it is a day off of everything.  And so it goes, right?

However, I am not without good news.  Far from it, in fact.  I have decided, in the spirit of at least keeping my Short Story a Week project news kind of up-to-date, to share the topics.  I know.  News of earth-shattering importance, of course.

The short story from two weeks ago (I know, I’m doing rubbish) is tentatively titled “The Feeling of Falling” and takes place on an orbital colony built in the heart of Jupiter’s massive, never-ending hurricane.  The other missing short story is about an AI who becomes self-aware, then speaks out on the news about how he (and his fellow self-aware computers) just want to fit in.

I also have another something on the way that I won’t announce beforehand (I know, that’s really awful of me, but the wait will be completely worth it).  I will admit it’s an interview with someone who happens to be a musician, and I am truly happy to have such an opportunity to feature it here.  The rest will have to wait until some point next week.

With that all being said, I have a bottle of 1792 Ridgemont Reserve waiting impatiently.

Oh, and one other thing before I forget: for those of you who haven’t, it’s a pretty good idea to go check out Full Blown Cranium’s debut album, “Cacophony of Weirdos”.  Click here, then follow the respective iTunes or Amazon links.  If you’re not fully convinced this is a great idea simply by me saying it is, check out the previews of each song (available on iTunes; possibly on Amazon, but I don’t actually use Amazon Music so I can’t say for sure).  I could have just as easily linked to the iTunes and Amazon stores respectively, but I also whole-heartedly recommend checking out Eric’s blog as well.

New stories soon (I promise), an AWESOME interview with an artist who will be revealed then so you can go buy even more great music, and more of my usual shenanigans, because without my misadventures this page would just be “in Fiction”, and that’s not as catchy.


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