I’m not actually dead, I promise

I just seem to have fallen off of the face of the planet because I sort of did for a bit there, and it was mostly because I have (pause for dramatic effect) burned myself out quite thoroughly.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in Relay for Life, and it was an entirely spectacular experience.  Alternatively, I also worked a seventeen hour shift not that long ago and I am still, in fact, recovering from it.

Basically, I need to let myself slowly revive because I can’t produce anything when I have no creative drive whatsoever.  It seems like a really obvious thing there until you’re trying to ignore that problematic bit of information by, say, insisting on continuing a very work-heavy project while putting in around 50 hours a week.

The plan from here: Short Story a Week will receive a reboot at a point I’ll figure out later.  Since it’s being rebooted, it will start back at Story Number 1, which is painful to think about right now.  However, it was an amazingly fun challenge until everything suddenly went belly-up and starting stinking of failure, so I stand by my desire to make that happen.

The interview with a musician has been postponed (clearly) because of scheduling difficulties, in that I apparently retained nothing from my brief stint as a journalist..

Oh, and then there’s the whole “working on getting ready to move out on my own for the first time” thing going on in August, when I’m moving to Hollidaysburg.  Exciting stuff.

However, I have had a dreadful, awful, miserable bad day today, and so I am due for some Netflix and Animal Crossing: New Leaf therapy.

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