The Good, the Bad, and the Additional Misadventures

First and foremost, I’d like to take a moment to celebrate how the next four days are my own little mini-vacation.  Mini-cation?  Whatever.  The important take-home point is I don’t have to work the next four days.  Huzzah!  A recap of my recent misadventures, and some more writing-related stuff (which coincides with a lot of boring, non-writing stuff, I’m afraid).

First, we have the Good.  Finally, after much scheduling and rescheduling hijinks on my part, I’ve interviewed Hello, The Future about her album Giant Robot Album, which is kind of a big deal.  The album far more so than the interview.  I’ll be making a post surrounding that, which can be expected by some point on Monday.  That way I can do the post justice.  And still manage to cater to having a house full of guests.  The house full of guests is part of another good thing, however, since it’s a bunch of relatives here for the express purpose of celebrating my not-so-recently married cousin’s wedding (reception).

The Bad…Last week, I worked seventy-eight and a half hours.  Overall, I worked sixteen days straight.  These are things I was not quite prepared for, though I do have serious doubts there is an effective way to prepare for such things.  Some days I worked nine hours.  Some I worked over sixteen.  Mostly, I ended up completely burnt out, which isn’t really productive for someone who is both trying to be creative.  Or pack everything he owns for a move that is rapidly approaching.  I also had to have my dog Missy put to sleep this past Wednesday, which was, and still is, extremely painful.  There’ll be a post to follow this one in which I get a bit emotional and miss my puppy.

Thankfully, things seem to be calming down to the point where I can at least start trying to plan out uses for time other than working and sleeping (today, by the way, was spent finishing an overnight shift, sleeping, and then working again, so that doesn’t count).  I should clarify that I’m very happy to have a decent-paying job with all the benefits it comes with, as I’m aware I am indeed fortunate in that sense.

In any event, at least I didn’t accidentally fall off of the planet or something.  I’m sure I’ll manage that at some point later.

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