This week in my brain turning to gelatin

William Shakespeare provided a quote that accurately summarizes how I feel after this past week. It’s one of great wisdom and power, and it channels every fiber of my spirit in its present state.

“O, I am slain.” – Polonius (Hamlet).

That, coincidentally, is also my favorite quote from Shakespeare…which says a lot about my capacity to enjoy his works, I fear.

My week in misadventures was a busy one, and my brain has been rendered into a slimy, disappointing blob of gelatin. I write this in the haze of post-nap dreariness, knowing I need to get to bed soon because I open at work tomorrow.

That’s not important, though. It is, however, my justification for any verbal missteps. Moving on.


I figured I should stick to simple projects for a while. Short stories. Reviews. My usual shenanigans on here as ideas happen. The end result of setting my mind on doing smaller projects, which feels like it’s a predictable problem at this point, is I end up having an idea. And then that idea snowballs into a bigger idea. An avalanche of ideas, cascading downwards onto the unsuspecting villagers in the otherwise-peaceful town of my creative methods (and madness).

So I have a new novel idea. It’s on page four, and it’s going along as I find time for it (I need to find more time for it, really). More dark fiction with a humorous twist, of course.

Thanks to the magic of Twitter, I discovered Fireside Magazine. I also found out that it was accepting submissions from June 1st through June 30th (still time left, people). I sent a short story I wrote, that had been rattling around in my brain for a bit, for a friend, but only after getting her permission to use it for such purposes.

Still not mentioned here: Easy Reading for Difficult Devils. I’m not technically able to link to it as of yet. It’s still not free on all sites it was posted to, and so I continue to be impatient. If this mention happens to stir curiosity about, say, such an anthology, or my story (The Glasmoor Beldam), I imagine a couple quick Google searches could yield results. Wink wink.

My second Screen Robot article, which explores why people derive pleasure from pain in film, was posted. Check it out here. I even mention the wonderful, terrific movie With Honors (check it out if you’ve not seen it).

I also did a good few posts on here, but those don’t quite count towards my overall writing for the week. Nor does the absurd number of tweets I posted.

Sci-Fi Valley Con

It was the first year I could make it to Sci-Fi Valley Con. I only made it for a couple hours yesterday and today, but it was definitely worth it. I got an impressive haul of comics, some snazzy art, and so on. I still have more artists to add to the post from yesterday, but laziness and sleepiness. I will say this: I met more great artists who were tremendously passionate about what they do, and that’s what I love the most about cons. I hesitate to admit I’ve gone to my fair share of conventions (mostly anime, Intervention, and one trip to Magfest and NYCC each). A lot of what wrecked many a convention in my eyes was how the community felt very exclusive. Going to smaller cons, and especially going to Intervention, feels different if only because the community has that shared sense of “Holy shit, look at this thing we love. It may not all be the same variation of what we love, but damn it’s cool to be excited about something”.

No specific goals set for this week yet, other than making sure I work on Unnamed Novel Project Number. I’ll think up something to work on once my brain has returned to a less soupy state.

Here’s hoping for a week that involves a little revitalization, or I’ll be reduced to monosyllabic grunts and cursing. Have a pleasant Fourth of July week, dear readers, and don’t forget to let your bald eagles set off some fireworks while grilling and drinking all the beer. Just keep them away from my bourbon, damn it.

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