Shameless Saturday Shilling: the SciFi Valley Con edition

I feel like it’s been a bit too long since I’ve politely suggested, in the form of throwing links, checking out other great art by other terrific, creative people. After eight hours at work today, I rewarded myself with some time at Altoona’s very own Sci-Fi Valley Con. I’d really hoped to make it for even a little bit, if only to get my picture taken with a replica TARDIS, but I failed to think about the best part about cons like this.

The artists! I picked up a good few treasures today, and have plans to go again for a bit tomorrow. However, for the sake of sharing with those of you who can’t make it, here are some artists worth checking out.  No real order to these, by the way. The general rule of thumb for me: I was far more likely to check out a person’s work, and make a purchase, if they were friendly and engaging to the people passing by.

I didn’t warn these unfortunate, talented people I’d be shamelessly shilling their sites on here. I wasn’t paid for it, either. There were just too many awesome artists at Sci-Fi Valley Con, and I couldn’t help but share with you, my dear readers, because the only thing better than meeting indie artists is sharing them with other people (who, in turn, should buy from said artists).

I’ll update the list tomorrow once I obtain additional business cards.

Worlds Apart – A self-published sci-fi comic series. Great art. Interesting story. What’s not to love? Check out the web site, buy some comics, and enjoy.

You, Me, And Steve – If you made it to Sci-Fi Valley Con, you could have bought a physical copy of You, Me, And Steve (which may or may not actually have commas in the title; my bad on that) with a doodle on the front cover. Great humor with a fun art-style.

COLESMITH COMICS – Plenty of variety, backed with great artistic talent.

Shadowbinders – Fantasy! Suspense! Drama! Comedy! One word exclamations of good things! I bought the omnibus of books one and two. The art is terrific, the writing is fun, and if it’s missing from your library you are missing out.

The Chalk Art of Dusty & Sara Catlett – Creators of absolutely beautiful artwork. My words can’t do it justice. Check it out, and look at the frame-and-wall-worthy prints. Then buy some.

The Pencil Project – Fantastic, elaborately detailed pencil drawings. I mean photo-quality, jaw-droppingly gorgeous stuff.



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