One Hundred Days of Blogging – Day Eight

I’m at that point in the summer where I can’t live in the present. Just isn’t happening. My vacation is over a month away, and my focus is fixed on it without possibility of being shifted elsewhere. It’s a real pain in the ass when it comes to being creative, but I’m still finding plenty of energy there. And for work. And for Tweeting. I sure as hell don’t get enough sleep, but I figure that’s an acceptable sacrifice.

My car passed its inspection, and I am tremendously excited and anxious about my impending trip to Chicago. And so this will be one of the (probably many) non-writing posts.

Day Eight – A trip. A journey. A great adventure to Chicago. (The Prologue)

It’s no secret that I took forever to get my driver’s license. I didn’t really start driving until I was in my 20s, and only got my license the December before this past one. Surprisingly, I don’t feel much shame or embarrassment there, because I still got it, and I started making trips from Carnegie to Hollidaysburg less than a year later. I’m big on throwing myself into ideas and plans, just to see how things play out. That’s probably not a particularly wise approach, but I am not a particularly wise person. It works out, somehow. I promise.

My Epic Summer Vacation plans begin with Intervention 2014, during which I will get to spend some quality time with my full-time best friend, who is a part-time level 20 Paladin with a 95% chance of crit fails (there is so much nerdiness in this sentence it’s almost painful). Poor fool can’t even defend himself BECAUSE HE DOESN’T READ MY GODDAMN BLOG WITHOUT BEING PROMPTED TO DO SO.

Ahem. Anyway. Intervention is always an excellent time (there’s still time to register at and see for yourself how amazing this con is). It’s the fifth iteration of the con, which promises to be brilliant. I’m going to do plenty of blogging, take plenty of pictures, and probably indulge in a few drinks here and there. Unless the hotel bartender won’t comply, I already have a Blood And Sand with my name on it.

The trip to Chicago is what I’m really excited for, however, as it’s the furthest I’ve ever driven. Ever. The plan, which may change, is to make a couple stops, take a couple pictures, and generally enjoy the journey from Point A (in Pennsylvania) to Point B (in Illinois), with Points A.1 through A.(whatever) in between. There’s some anxiety there, too, and I feel bad for my parents, who are probably ready to strangle me for making a whim decision that involves approximately eight to ten hours of driving.

It’s an especially great trip because I will get to see Jason’s home. The very first proper home he bought, which is something he should be very proud of. I’ll also get to meet, and pass judgment, on his lady-friend, which is always an important part of me being an evil bastard/best friend, I suspect.

This is one of those times when the journey and the destination are both something that will likely make this summer a very memorable one indeed. I look forward to packing my things, gassing up my car, and blasting all sorts of music for company until I find myself in Chicago.

If I could, I’d move to one of the areas in Chicagoland and just work at Naperville’s Adagio Teas store while writing on the side. Dreaming big there. Ninety-two days remaining.

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