One Hundred Days of Blogging – Day Nineteen

Just for funsies, and because the computer is in use, I’m hastening the onset of carpal tunnel a bit by typing this on my phone. There will be typos. Not even prepared to read this on another device because it will probably make my soul hurt.


So there were some crazy-intense thunderstorms last night. The kind that produce lightning as bright as momentary flashes of daylight and thunder rumbles that shake a person to their bones. I love a good summer storm, perhaps more than most, but there were a few moments where I wondered if there were any smoking craters in the yard from some of those lightning strikes.

Anyway, to the real post topic!

Day Nineteen – Being a magpie with shiny new technology

I love getting to play around with new gadgets, just like most people my age. There’s something exciting about trying out the latest phones, computers, games, and so on. This post is brought to you all courtesy of the Android WordPress app, as typed on my HTC One (M8). Think about and appreciate how crazy that last sentence is. If I went back in time and told a younger me that the future holds phones that connect to the internet, can replace cameras, and a whole lot more, my past self would…probably ask if they can handle books and video games, actually.

Hell, I can see one of the Harry Potter movies from where I’m sitting, which isn’t a statement carrying much impact until I point out that it’s a VHS tape. A movie that is now available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and as a digital download.

One of my favorite things to geek out over is new releases of MS Office. Microsoft Word has almost always been my word processor of choice (save for a few years when we used Microsoft Works for some reason). The changes made from version to version aren’t always tremendous, but they’re fun little treasures to find as I write. I try to not dig too deep for fear of summoning Clippy from whatever dungeon dimensions that bloodthirsty horror now resides. I may remember Clippy a little differently than other people do.

Microsoft Word 2013 is fantastic, by the way.

I realize there is a point when shiny new tech is no more than another distraction. My Surface 2 has plenty of productivity-killing power already, and my phone already has Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr (much regret), and Instagram, to name a few apps of mass distraction. It’s mostly just a matter of finding a good balance of hard work and screwing around, and I handle that balance about as well as a half-blind, one-legged drunk on a tightrope. Ahem.

Eighty-one days remaining.

Fingers crossed this post isn’t a total shit-show. No This Week In Misadventures out of shame for not doing nearly enough this past week.

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