One Hundred Days of Blogging – Day Twenty-One

We’re twenty-one days into my One Hundred Days of Fiction. This post, by blog-years, can legally buy alcohol. Or maybe it’s the post I should write while completely intoxicated. I won’t do that because I have work tomorrow, but imagine how awful this would be to read had I written it drunk.

It’d probably be as bad as it is now, except with more typos and expletives.

This post is brought to you in part by an entirely carnivorous dinner of leftover ribs and chicken. I’m catching up on Project Runway (don’t judge, it’s a guilty pleasure). Life is pretty good.

That all being said, I feel super-guilty for not doing more creative writing. Yes, I’m doing these Hundred Days of Blogging posts as I said, but I’ve noticed a sharp decline in writing other than this. And proofreading (though I’ve not had much sent my way lately, so that’s unfortunate as well).

Instead of focusing on a topic, I’m focusing on a challenge to myself. Another challenge, yes. Contain your feigned surprise, folks.

Day Twenty-One – Another planned marathon of creativity

I’ve been writing consistently since January, and that’s very exciting stuff. Even with work eating up a lot of my energy (and whatever other minor and major crises arose), I still found time to get things done. Hooray. Victories. However, I can’t help but focus on what I’ve not been getting done while I have been accomplishing things. While I was binge-writing fiction, my blog suffered. Now that my focus is on One Hundred Days of Blogging, my fiction has suffered. There has to be a balance, but getting to that balance has proved to be a bit difficult.

Thursday’s my day off, and that makes it a perfect day to get shit done. I don’t mean creative writing. I don’t mean blogging. I don’t mean editing or proofreading. Not even sending work off to publishing. I mean all of the above. There’s a couple pieces of writing in need of my proofreading and critiquing skills (or lack of said skills), and a few short stories swirling around in my brain. I have a few stories I think are ready to be sent off, which means I need to get my shit together in terms of finding publications accepting submissions. Naturally, I can’t let Misadventures in Fiction feel lonely.

I can’t say I have particular goals in mind for this challenge-thing so long as I make some progress in all of those areas I mentioned. To that end, I fear I’ll be harsh on myself if I don’t accomplish at least a little in each area. I can’t approach this a little at a time, and so I’ll likely come up with an order of projects before Thursday morning rolls around.

Longer blog posts are also a must, but I don’t want them to feel forced. Grumble grumble.

I’d also like to revisit essay writing like I used to do in my days at Edinboro University, but now I’m just heaping things on top of my other projects. Needless to say, that’s something that will have to receive attention now. Damn it.

To recap, and for those of you who consider 525-ish words to be too many to read: Thursday will be a terrific marathon of writing, both fiction and non-fiction, proofreading and critiquing, and sending things off for publication consideration.

Maybe some drinking and WoW, assuming I focus enough throughout the day for time to permit. We’ll see.

Seventy-nine days remaining.

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