One Hundred Days of Blogging – Day Twenty-Two

The day before a day off of work always goes a million times slower, like the Universe has set life on bullet-time. Except (hopefully) no one is shooting at you.

Today will be the calm before the storm, and so I present this installment in my Hundred Days of Blogging.


Oh, hey. My mostly-completed workstation. Aperture Surface and the GLADESKTOP. I may be a touch obsessed with Portal and Portal 2. Brianne helped build the desk, which is important to mention because I had screwed a few things up along the way.

The GLADESKTOP was set up last, with Aperture Surface kind of cruising around the house wherever it wants, whenever it wants, so long as its battery isn’t dead.

I’m really happy about finally having a workspace set up. Hopefully it’ll be the place I can go to get shit done. It’ll definitely be a place I can write without having to shift around a ton due to leg cramps and so on. Most importantly: it’s my own little creative corner of the world, and I’ll be spending a great deal of the day there tomorrow.

Let’s be honest here. I’ll probably log onto WoW at least once tomorrow, too. No shame there.

Seventy-eight days remaining.

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