One Hundred Days of Blogging – Day Twenty-Five

One quarter of the way through this madness, and so I’m celebrating with a cheat-post from my phone. I’d say I’m sorry, but there’s marathon-cleaning when I get home.

Home from what? Seeing Guardians of the Galaxy! Holy crap. I can see why people called GotG one of Marvel’s best movies to date. Magnificent. An exceptional blend of comedy, action, drama, and explosions (take note, Michael Bay, you sack of poorly-scripted shit). I owe it a proper review. Seriously, why are you still reading this when you should be seeing Guardians of the Galaxy?!

Day Twenty-Five – Preparing for the next big thing

Tomorrow is a big day for adventures. Brianne and I will be traveling to obtain Marceline the Kitten Queen, the third (and final, damn it) feline addition to my household. Until Brianne convinces me otherwise.

Tomorrow also marks the next major writing marathon of 2014. No goals. Just all-out writing until my fingers fall off and my eyes bleed. Not saying a damn (auto correct tried to replace that with dang, by the way) word on what yet. That’s a surprise for later, assuming I don’t fail miserably. That’s a tall order, that assumption.

Regularly scheduled blog-programming resumes tomorrow, too, with better thought-out posts. Probably.

Seriously, though. Go see Guardians of the Galaxy. Whatever else you’re doing isn’t nearly as important.

Seventy-five days remaining.

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