One Hundred Days of Blogging – Day Twenty-Six



Sometimes I don’t think shit through very well. Like planning to get back to serious, planned blogging the day I’m traveling two hours to get a new kitten.

Day twenty-six will be pictures of Marceline the Kitten Queen, as I am still not home and don’t feel like murdering my data allotment with a blog post. I’m not sorry.

Seventy-four (probably less lazy) days remaining.


8 thoughts on “One Hundred Days of Blogging – Day Twenty-Six

      • Oh yeah. Kind of like how I have a second draft deadline coming up in 4 weeks and still have half a novel to go.

        Do you ever feel like blogging gets in the way of your fiction?

      • Somewhat, yes. Focusing on my Hundred Days of Blogging has detracted a little from writing other things, though I’ve been oddly uninspired lately.

        I have another novel idea I’m going to give the Joshua’s Nightmares treatment. Still waiting on some final feedback on Joshua’s Nightmares before I begin the slow, horrifying slog through the process of trying to get that beast published.

      • Also, four weeks is sort of a long time. You should probably get on that, though, so nobody shows up at your door with a giant copy of The Elements of Style with which they’ll bludgeon you. Oddly specific, perhaps.

      • That’s the thing. I could knock it out in a week if second drafts were 1/10 as enjoyable as first drafts. I did spend about 4 hours on it this weekend, which is better than nothing.

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