Slight Hunter-related delay

Thanks to a number of people suggesting it, I decided to say “What the hell, why not?” and boost my Hunter to level 90. Naturally, this meant I needed to do some serious pet-taming. After about forty-five minutes of screwing around, murdering pretty much all the trash in the area, I found Bombyx. Much swearing later (it shouldn’t have been as hard as it was, but luck was not on my side), this happened:

Bombyx. Now better known, thanks to my friend Ashley, as Persephone.

Bombyx. Now better known, thanks to my friend Ashley, as Persephone.

I may be a little late in posting, but I’m going to ignore that since it’s still Saturday on the west coast. I know. Cheating. I make the rules here, damn it.

On another topic: I’m starting to get whatever cold-bug is traveling around, so naturally I stayed up far later than I should in order to tame pets for my new-ish Hunter. I’m so smart.

3 thoughts on “Slight Hunter-related delay

  1. Congratz on the new pet and I am sure that you will definitely enjoy your hunter – variety is always a good way to keep the game fresh – new mechanics to learn and all manner of things. 😀

    • Thanks! I’m planning, once I’m settled into my new apartment, to find more time here and there for the Hunter. Mind you, I’m also buckling down and focusing more on writing, so we’ll see how that goes.

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